Prices are straight-forward and basic. Clients are charged a daily rate.  This includes an approximate 25 minute visit and covers a small number of pets. Travel costs are included.

Public Holidays attract a 50% surcharge - see NSW Public Holiday dates below. 
  • For longer visits or a large number of pets please seek a private quote as service time will be increased - generally an extra $10 day.
  • Surrounding villages will incur a travel cost.

No Surcharges
  • for fish, birds, reptiles, guinea pigs with low maintenance care
  • for litter poop-scooping
  • for travel surcharge within city
  • for collecting mail, putting bins in/out, watering pot-plants
Initial introductory meeting is FREE.

    Daily Rate 
    One visit per day

    NSW Public Holidays 2019-2021 
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    Source: Industrial Relations NSW Public Holidays