Terms and Conditions
Any client using any service from Suzanne Nagel's (Granny) agrees to these Terms and Conditions, whether they sign a Services Agreement or not. Terms and Conditions may be revised periodically. Clients are not bound by any fixed contracts. 

1.    Insurance & Third Parties

  1. All employees are Criminal Record Checked. An employee police check is available on request.

2.    Client Enquiries

  1. Client enquiries, bookings, cancellations, date changes are to be made via Contact Form (preferred) or SMS/phone to Granny, not via employees. 
  2. Granny typically responds to email requests and phone messages within 24 hours. If Granny has not responded with 24 hours or query is more urgent, contact via SMS/phone.

3.    New Clients

  1. New clients are required to complete a Service Agreement Form and Pet Information Form.
  2. All clients are to have a Meet and Greet prior to accepting as a clients. 
  3. A booking fee of $50 is required at Meet & Greet. This amount will be reduced from the overall cost and will secure a booking.
  4. New clients are to describe in writing and in detail how any animals normally resident at the premises should be cared for.
  5. Surrounding villages will attract an added cost to cover travel expenses. 

4.    Invoicing and Payment

  1. Clients will be invoiced at the Meet & Greet. Invoices are to be paid by the due date which is prior to start of each service block or the date of the Free Trial, whichever is first. A digital receipt will be sent by email for direct deposit.
  2. Clients are responsible for checking that all details including dates and visit types on invoice are correct and notify Granny ASAP if amendments are to be made. 
  3. Payment is accepted via direct deposit (bank account details are on invoice) or cash on the Free Trial day. A receipt will be issued for cash payments. 
  4. Personal cheques will only be accepted at the Meet & Greet this will allow clearance time before the commencement of services.
  5. Clients that do not pay by due date may lose their booking. 
  6. Invoices are typically due a few days before service start. Invoices for bookings at high peak times (eg Christmas, Easter) will be due earlier.

5.  Public Holiday Surcharge

50% surcharge applies on NSW public holidays. This is to help offset the high cost of employee penalty rates on public holidays (as Granny does not use independent contractors as pet sitters).

6.    Bookings

  1. Bookings are to be made directly to Granny. Bookings will not be considered received until Granny has confirmed. 
  2. Bookings are on a first booked (and paid), first served basis. 
  3. Bookings should be made in writing (preferably via Contact Form or email). Dates and visit types should be clearly requested. 
  4. Bookings for peak times over Christmas/New Year holidays (from 15 December to 7 January) and Easter long weekend are in high demand and there are limited spaces. Clients are advised to book at least three months in advance of peak times (Christmas and Easter holidays) to avoid disappointment. 
  5. Clients will be asked to pay a small non-refundable deposit ($50) to reserve dates, especially over peak times. 
  6. Granny appreciates bookings of two or more weeks in advance but can cater for clients with erratic schedules that leave at short notice provided they had their Meet and Greet and completed the required forms.

7.    Cancellations & Refunds

  1. Cancellations are to be made directly to Granny. Cancellation will not be considered received until Granny has confirmed. 
  2. Services cancelled in advance of two (2) weeks of start of first service may be refunded or transferred to a new booking, less $50 booking fee. This new booking is to be used within 6 months. 
  3. Services cancelled less than 48 hours of start of first service will not be refunded or transferred. 
  4. All refunds are at the discretion of Granny.

8.    Meet and Greet

  1. A free Meet and Greet is compulsory for new clients. The Meet and Greet is an opportunity for you and your pets to meet your pet sitter and discuss caring for your pet. A Meet and Greet is typically around 20 minutes in duration.
  2. Occasionally, Granny will decline service eg for very territorial dogs. 
  3. A booking is secured with non-refundable deposit ($50) to reserve dates. The deposit will be debited from the service block fee.

9.  Free Trial

  1. A Free Trial is compulsory for all accepted clients. A free trial is conducted under the supervision of Granny prior to commencement of services. This ensures that instructions are followed as per request.
  2. Service forms, balance of payment and a key (if required) are collected at Free Trial.

10.  Client Records

  1. Client and pet details are retained on file for future services. Client and pet details are entered into our secure database. 
  2. Client is responsible for notifying Granny of any changes or updates to information held on file. 
  3. Granny keeps client records in a secure manner and does not pass on client details to third parties.

11.  Keys

  1. Keys and/or garage door openers are not to be hidden or left on the property. A garage door opener is not recommended as sole form of entry in case of power outage or malfunction. 
  2. Keys are to be double-checked by client in any locks, including freshly cut keys. 
  3. Access codes including alarm codes and padlock combinations are to be supplied. 
  4. Key(s) to house and/or gate should be supplied at Free Trial. If not supplied at the Free Trial, a charge of $10 applies if Granny is required to return to collect a key. 
  5. The homeowner agrees to provide a local contact with copies of the key or opening device, for use by the sitter in the event of: an inadvertent lockout situation; or loss of keys by the house sitter; or any other situation where spare keys may be required. 
  6. The key will be left at a delegated area on the last day of service. 
  7. A charge of $10 applies if Granny is required to return a key after service. 
  8. Granny can retain a key (no charge) for future service. Keys are tagged with a Granny code (not your name or address) and are kept in a locked key security cabinet. Keys are managed responsibly by our pet sitters and are returned to key cabinet after each period of service. 
  9. Client is responsible for costs associated with malfunctioning locks or alarm systems.

12.  Equipment and Consumables

  1. Client is to supply consumables including food, kitty litter and puppy pads. Extra food and litter should be provided. Food should be in good condition and in pet and pest-proof containers. 
  2. Raw food should be divided into portions for meals (eg zip-lock bags) and frozen. 
  3. Wet food should be in correct portion size for pets if no refrigeration is available. 
  4. Utensils should be provided where required for food (eg can-opener, spoon/knife). 
  5. Equipment such as feeding bowls, litter trays, cat poop scooper, harnesses/halters and bedding is to be provided by the client. 
  6. It is recommended that client leaves paper towels and/or faded microfibre cloth and mop/bucket if pets are prone to accidents. Any messes on carpets/rugs are cleaned up with a damp cloth (no cleaners). 
  7. Rubber gloves must be supplied. 
  8. Should insufficient food/litter be provided by client and must be purchased by Granny, client is to reimburse Granny including an errand fee.

13.  Photos & Journal

  1. Most clients are happy for photos and videos to be taken for SMS/email updates. 
  2. GPS location tagging is turned off on any cameras so location of pet is not traceable. 
  3. Photos/videos are copyright to Granny. 
  4. A daily diary is provided to the client at the end of each service block.

14.  Pet Sitter & Pet Safety

  1. Granny will not provide service to any animal that poses a significant safety risk to its staff, the public, itself or other animals. This includes venomous snakes and dominant/aggressive dogs.
  2. Granny will not generally provide service to animals with any history of aggression. client is to notify Granny if any animal has shown any signs of aggression whether a new client or repeat client. 
  3. It is the discretion of Granny to take on any dogs with challenging behaviours. 
  4. Dogs that exhibit very territorial and aggressive behaviour pose a huge safety risk and are declined. Dogs with mild fear aggression issues may be accepted as clients depending on assessment by Granny.
  5. 'Visiting' pets, especially dogs that are not part of the normal household pose great danger when combined with other pets. Granny will only service pets that are part of the normal, stable household, which may include long-term foster pets. 
  6. Pets kept together must be compatible and not have a history of fighting when left alone together. 
  7. Pets that are usually friendly may sometimes be aggressive over food such as treats or bones. 
  8. Granny does not typically walk dogs.
  9. Pets with separation anxiety may be destructive to self and property and are not usually suitable as clients.
  10. Granny will not tolerate any aggression/abuse from human clients or anyone associated with the client.
  11. Granny may end a service at any time if there are safety concerns arising from animals or humans associated with the client. 
  12. If there is any significant risk to our staff, any pet or members of the public Granny will attempt to make the immediate situation temporarily safer. This may include any of confinement in a separate area of the property, handing responsibility over to an emergency contact or boarding one or more pets.
  13. Client is responsible for any costs associated with injuries, private boarding or damage to property resulting from a dangerous situation or from attempting to making a dangerous situation safer.
  14. Granny pet sitters conduct pet sits during daylight hours, preferably mornings, unless specifically stated.
  15. Food should be in secure containers so that pets cannot break into them and binge.
  16. Granny typically performs chores in the early morning as there is less chance of being affected by afternoon heat, traffic or thunderstorms. This might not suit those pets who are in an afternoon food routine.
  17. Regular Clients with multiple dogs (3+) should supply rubber slip-ons (boots) for sanitation.

Granny assures you that your beloved pets and plants will be taken care of while you are away. 
♥♥♥♥ WE LOVE OUR PETS  ♥♥♥♥

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