Cat Trap/Cage Hire

We rent cat traps and cat cages to people of the Dubbo area.  These do not need to be booked in advance.

An Application Form can be downloaded from the bottom of the page.

Nuisance Cats 
If a cat has been present on private property on more than one occasion without the permission of the owner or occupier of the property, the owner or occupier of private property or an authorised officer may seize the cat while it is present on the property. The owner or occupier of the private property or the authorised officer who has seized the cat must immediately notify the local Council Ranger or a Vet. 

Requirements for setting or using confinement Traps
A confinement Trap must have the following features: -
  • the Trap must not be designed in such a way that it may cause unreasonable pain or suffering to the Trapped animal
  • the Trap must not grip any part of the animal's body
  • the Trap must not contain hooks or other protruding parts that may injure an animal
  • A confinement Trap must be set or used on a local residential property

Cat Traps 
Cat Traps are to be used to catch cats only.
  • Traps are constructed in such a manner to allow for the humane capture of cats under current legislation. They are not to be altered or modified in any manner.
  • The cat’s welfare must be protected especially when temperatures will drop below 10°C or exceed 20°C.
  • Traps will not be set in extreme weather to ensure the welfare of any trapped cats are not compromised.
  • Sufficient water, food and shelter from the elements must be provided at all times.
  • Only plain fresh cat food, fish, chicken or meat should be used as a lure inside the Trap
  • Place a towel over the Trap to reduce the cats stress.
  • Traps cannot be set if a Trapped cat cannot be transported to the Dubbo Animal Shelter within 24 hours.
  • The applicant is responsible for monitoring the Traps and contacting the Ranger to arrange collection.
  • Traps are provided in a clean working state. If the Trap is damaged or misplaced whilst at the property, the applicant is responsible for the cost to replace or repair the Cage or the bond will be retained.

Once a cat is captured 
  • The cat must be kept in a place away from all other animals.
  • Cats must not be released into the wild or abandoned.
  • No person may interfere or remove the means by which a cat is identified
  • Contact Dubbo City Rangers immediately
  • If the animal is Trapped in an enclosure or yard where sufficient food, water and shelter is provided to the Trapped animal, the animal must not be left Trapped for more than 24 hours. It is preferable that the cat be removed from the Trap within an hour of capture

Transportation of animals 
When transporting cats: - 
  • take care to prevent injury to the cat
  • place a waterproof cover or towel under the Trap
  • place a towel over the Trap to reduce stress
  • plastic or other non-breathable material must not be used to cover the Trap at any time
  • do not leave the cat in the direct sun or inside a vehicle as the animal may suffer from heat stress
  • transport the cat to the shelter in the shortest time possible

  • A $100 bond is payable on hire of the Trap
  • A $50 bond is payable on hire of the Cage
  • This is refundable provided it is clean and in working condition and returned within 7 days of the initial hire of the Trap or 2 days of the initial hire of the Cage.

  • Use of cat Trap is for a period of 7 days. Use of the cat Cage is for a period of 2 days. Traps and Cages are to be returned in clean condition.
  • If approved, the deposit will be returned immediately once the Trap or Cage is returned or approximately 5 days via bank
  • Please do not set Traps between Friday night and Saturday night as Council Rangers will be unavailable to seize cats until Monday
  • Council Rangers can be contacted on 02 68014000. Council Pound can be contacted on 02 68821934. Council Environment can be emailed on

Download Cat Trap/Cage Application Form

Contact us via the online form (on the right) or the details provided on the form

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